More than 70 years of experience in the  production of elastic ribbons are the force of our company. It was founded in 1934 in Concorezzo (MI) by Ambrogio Terzoli and his wife Enrica, under the name of his founder. Since its foundation the company has been living a process of a great growth, which has made Gemtex, one of the major Italian companies in the production of braids and elastic ribbons in the field of haberdashery.

In the mid fifties the son Federico decided to collaborate with his father, in order to reinforce the position of the company in the field of ribbons for the haberdashery, producing technical ribbons for braces, belts and sportswear. In 1968 the family opened a second factory, called Suitex, in Suisio (BG).

With the entrance into office of Federico’s wife, Anna (present Managing Director), and their sons Franco (present Sales Manager and Director of the sales agents in Italy and abroad) and Roberto (present Project Manager and Human Resources Manager) in 1986, the company, keeping the same offices and staff, evolved into the present Gemtex Srl.

The production of technical elastic ribbons for sports, casual and underwear as well as the production of ribbons for leather goods and footwear, addressed to wholesalers and haberdasheries, started a strong development. The steady renewal of the machineries, characterized by massive investments in looms for jacquard, the continual researches of the materials and the constant vocational training have made Gemtex a flexible company, able to satisfy every kind of need of its customers. The production of elastic ribbons is particularly addressed to the following markets:

- Sportswear, underwear for men and women, casualwear;
- Technical workwear;
- Promotional gadgets;
- Footwear, leather goods, belts and braces;
- Sportsglasses;
- Haberdasheries (retailers and wholesalers).


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