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Our products.

We always keep in our stock some basic elastics for internal and external use on garments and accessories. These elastics are available in a wide range of different heights, strengths and colours such as black, optical white, unbleached white and a selection of the most requested colours.


We are highly specialized in the production of top-quality jacquard ribbons. With the jacquard technique we can achieve an infinite number of effects thanks to the combinations of different yarns woven together to reproduce writings, logos and geometric patterns. Your logo will keep its high definition even when the elastic is pulled.


We can customise your ribbons using different processes such as:

  • SUBLIMATION PRINTING for a smooth surface and high-resolution result on any design
  • HOT PRINTING for an embossed effect
  • SILK PRINTING for a 3D effect
  • SILICONIZATION for technical and aesthetic purposes
  • ANTI-SLIP RUBBER weaved externally to give extra grip and a unique detail to your elastics.

We can finish our ribbons with polishing processes and applications such as studs, rhinestones, fireproof or water-repellent treatment.

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